Thursday, January 28, 2010

i've been sick,
i've been broken into,
i've dragged a screaming four year old to school and back,
i've cried (which turned into chest racking phlegm coughs).

i've had beautiful conversations,
i've invested in baking as my catharsis,
i've had friends offer to grocery store run for me,
i've laughed (which turned into chest racking phlegm coughs).

Friday, January 15, 2010

today is the 91st anneversary of the boston molasses massacre.
(in the last week, i've typed the word molasses so many times, its ridiculous).
i could type out for you all the details,
but instead i'll just post the link for you to read up on yourself.
rather interesting and wholly ridiculous.

tonight chris and i are hosting a memorial to the event,
wherein we partake in all things molasses,
and moreover,
all things storytelling.
because in life there is nothing like a good story,
and this little molasses hiccup is a great story.

i'm making a pot of boston baked beans,
some gingersnaps,
and because of the crazy stormy weather calling for something delicious and hot,
buttered rum!
until this story, i don't think that i knew molasses was a by product of rum and whiskey.

the two kids are busy watercolor painting in the kitchen,
its fun to overhear them share their idea's,
their translations of what they've put down on paper.

Monday, January 04, 2010

my new 23 dollar trench coat is a fashion game changer.
so were the 500 dollar boots.

but the coat.
i've been a frequent reader of the sartorialist,
and he recently completed a campaign for burberry called "art of the trench"
gorgeous photos from all over the world of people
wearing the famous burberry trench coat, their way.
totally inspiring, and forcing the question to myself
"why the hell don't i have one?"

well it found me.
maybe not totally ideal,
in terms of quality and perfect fit,
but 23 dollars!
and once i put it on,
i felt it.

i have no idea what that actually means,
but i'm anticipating good things.