Tuesday, November 18, 2003

sitting in the kits library.. killing time between work and my small group that i have been absent at for the last three weeks and am really going to out of guilt. damn.
this week is a seven day work week, and i'm gone already. it will be nice to have friday and saturday off.
i feel as i'm sitting here, though many have asked, i have nothing of intrest to say. i'm comparing i guess, the amount of free flowing blog thoughts i had time for last year, to the "there is a 30minute time limit on this workstation"... so i totally find myself writing more at home.. good for me, out of the loop for you.

wandering the asiles searching for edible creativity.
creativity dulled by too much time with bread.
perfect idea, fabulously on sale
grinning upward and laughing
with he
who loves her in the asiles of safeway.