Thursday, May 27, 2010

i'm becoming a product whore.
now look what i found.
its cool.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

do you live in an apartment like me?
is composting a pain in the ass like it is for me?
because you hate fruit fly's and stink so much?


it fits in your freezer! it's made out of silicone! you just pop out one big frozen brick to compost!

Friday, May 07, 2010

happy friday!
my bum hurts!
(so does my vagina),
because both those things are getting used to my new bicycle and it's seat.
but i got a new bicycle!
and it's gorgeous. in an understated way.
black norco road bike with dusty rose handle bar tape.
i rode it home last night, and to work this morning, with relative ease.
the last bike i had (crappy, crap, craphead)
forced me to walk it up certain hills on the commute,
but the new gal made it easy as pie.
pie from scratch. still takes a while.
but i blew through every hill i couldn't do a few years ago. yahoo!

had delicious elevensies with the plett ladies this morning. and also wee henry.
gotta figure out where i'm going tonight.
in my head i'm thinking that there is, like, nine shows going on tonight,
but in reality, there's, like, two.
jazz or jon?
i can bike to jazz, and jon is cheap.

well, off we must go to pick up benny from ecole.
he can read now!! i think he finally broke through something this week.
just this morning i read with him his daily book that school gives him, and i was amaaaaaazed.
poor kid. i think there was a little bit o pressure on him to figure it out.
or maybe the pressure was just on the rest of us and he didn't pick it up at all.
that'd be great.
happy friday!
KATIE. this is a shout out beacause i didn't email you back yet.
i'm lame.
and really bad about reading emails then forgetting to write back.

Monday, May 03, 2010

had a great morning, baked some muffins,
haha and actually had the thought
"did i just put too many chocolate chips in there?"
who thinks that? about chocolate?
but it's ok.
i halfed the flour with whole wheat flour
and threw in some apple sauce in place of some sugar.
all that hard substitution work down the drain because of a heavy hand with the chocolate.
how many people have come undone that way?
i guess many, many, many.

but then a bit of a rough afternoon,
two kids in dire need of some low down time,
dragged to superstore against their wishes.
i feel like i've gotten mad quite a bit this afternoon,
feeling bad about it,
feeling frustrated with the immediacy children require
feeling like a huge case of the mondays.
but then par chance,
i came across this amazing, amazing apartment on design sponge,
and all my grumpiness and mood instantly jumped ship
and in place was a joyous, genuinely emotional response to beauty.
creation and nature are definately one thing,
but bigger responses in me come from man hand created beauty.
a chair.
an apartment.
white walls.
gilt gold.

the idea that the mind of man can think up, feel up, dream up, express oneself through a space.
i love how these things garner up an emotional reaction.
oh pieces. stop.