Tuesday, April 27, 2004

today i went to work. working on a monday makes for some good chitty chitty chat chat.
then i went the b's. photographically wrote a letter to my favorite new mom.
i made art.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

and my 'ring' toe on my right foot (i just had to make an L with my hands to know which was my right foot) randomly stops having blood circulate to it..goes all white, a little numb. and i, for the life of me, can't make it fleshy colored again.
oh yah and i wasn't at work
so sick.
my head. she is not apart. of my bode-ay.
and my nose. she is out. of comeeeeesion.
not working on sundays is turning into this great, random phenom.
and they have, both times now, ended up at the cowies for bbq.
and i don't complain, she says.
out for lunch with 2 toons, 3 frosts and a cec. good.
one quick power rest.
one great shower.
bring your own supper was da-vine with this halibut thats been sitting in my freezer for a few monthes.
some good literature/kids in the hall chats.
three delightful children running around. one funky by name, funky by nature kid, artemis. what a hoot.
now i'm home. and i'm cold for the third night in a row. but at least its only nine, so i have time to warm up before sleep. i hate hate going to bed cold..cold feet. makes me go crazy.

love julie

Thursday, April 22, 2004

free cecil rast.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

ahhhhhh. just got back from the lotus lounge with some work kids. they have this most incredible booth, a deep U shape, plush like nobody's business, great for conversations about the dalai lama, christianity, familes, card games, such things. they had a dj spinning/scratching..on a teusday night. it was nearly clear why they gave him the teusday nights. but way to go, support your up and coming dj's.

sunday night i hung out with my friend jen from school who is interning at a church over on the northshore. went and checked out russ rosen at the backstage lounge, (saw some ash and kenton's), then a yummy, late supper at the foundation. and i credit that supper for the oddness and imajinative complexity of my dreams that night.

i've had a rad time in my life lately, connecting to people's lives as a christian. connecting in a way where i'm me and real and not some punk suffering from fetal christian syndrome. god has graciously allowed me to be comfortably vulnerable with some cool people about jesus and my faith..and not felt like a tool.

so now its my weekend
and she rests.

Monday, April 19, 2004

"whatchoo gonna do at a prom junior? you won't even kiss the neighbor girl!"

true story. jlew. minnisota. broken car. took a bus. took a plane. got home later. no oil in car. stupid boy.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

THIS has me all up in a fuss
erica had a beautiful daughter on good friday.
her name is mackenzie but i'm calling her mac
what right do i have...oh not lots..

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

i'm lucky in my life for people who show me what real life looks like.
or rather, people who are real with me day in and out with aspects to jesus, faith, marriage, freedom..such things.
it seemed like, for most of my life, i never saw real.
or maybe i did, maybe i didn't know what it was.
but i do know that now, i walk my life a little wiser, more assured.
more assured that everything's easy, everything's hard, everything's worth it.
peace perfect peace

Thursday, April 08, 2004

i'm trying to remember what he said..
"wow! look at that guys musceled butt! nice work buddy"

cypress day yesterday was greeeat. i am now a carver instead of a featherer. mostly. anyways, i'm sore.
my vehicle has pushed itself one more notch on the annoying meter..something went clink coming down the mountain and now its like there is no muffler. sooo loud. anyone know any reputable garages? help.

dudes i havn't been as tired as i was yesterday in a long time. usually when i think i'm so tired, i go home, and i get like a second wind. but yesterday..man, no teeth brushing..just into bed. a good 10 sleep. i have to work in two hours. i'm still yawning, i think its because i'm hungry.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

i am enjoying this weather. hey? how about you?
sunday i called in sick from work, completly burned out from the previous two days of an insanly busy granville island.
went to a great palm sunday at 10th, a nice patio lunch
then we went to riley park and cheered on our friends kid jackson in his t ball game. it was such a beautiful day and it was cutest thing i've ever seen. me jaydn cheered for jacks and practiced our jumping.
went back to said kid's house for yummy bbq salmon and relaxed with the wine and some good chat.
i'm so glad i took that day off.

last night i chatted with sugar shack hep cat outside in my camping chair, enjoying the pre summer dusk.
TOMMOROW i'm going snowboarding. yeeehaw.
today not much tho..just went and bought some nails and screws and eggs. i spent 3.27 in total. intresting no?
breakfast for supper anyone?

Saturday, April 03, 2004

ok go here
it will also from thus forward be a link on the right.
buddy blair
wielder of all things videographerish
never seen without decent shoes
or a hat. he always has hats it seems. i don't think he's balding at all.
huh. anyways. really cool bud of mine.
also in our small group.

Friday, April 02, 2004

ah kids, its media week here on the blog. articles to read, words to listen to, more to come lets hope lets hope. i'm about to sit down at watch 21 grams now. i got some new shoes today. they were not two dollars. i've had a harder week, but thats when he likes to show his faithfulness the most. i marvel.

"i want to expierience christ to the fullest. you know, and i don't want to be distracted by..so oftan, its so easy to let morals or convictions or just certain things in life, to rob us of and experience with christ because we're expected to live a certain way, and act a certain way and talk a certain way and experience a certain way..but when you trust christ, christ might put something on your heart thats completley different!....
but in order for us to be willing to be obedient to christ and say stuff thats just not all the same old church stuff and all the same old stuff that we grew up with, for us to hear a new voice, and to bring the message of christ but what he's telling us now what he's got for us now, we've got to learn to trust in him, so those roots can go deep....

..sometimes its just time to shut the hell up, plug your ears, and listen to god. (he talk in your brain, he can make it through ears)"

go listen to this its 'starving bakker'