Friday, April 02, 2004

ah kids, its media week here on the blog. articles to read, words to listen to, more to come lets hope lets hope. i'm about to sit down at watch 21 grams now. i got some new shoes today. they were not two dollars. i've had a harder week, but thats when he likes to show his faithfulness the most. i marvel.

"i want to expierience christ to the fullest. you know, and i don't want to be distracted oftan, its so easy to let morals or convictions or just certain things in life, to rob us of and experience with christ because we're expected to live a certain way, and act a certain way and talk a certain way and experience a certain way..but when you trust christ, christ might put something on your heart thats completley different!....
but in order for us to be willing to be obedient to christ and say stuff thats just not all the same old church stuff and all the same old stuff that we grew up with, for us to hear a new voice, and to bring the message of christ but what he's telling us now what he's got for us now, we've got to learn to trust in him, so those roots can go deep....

..sometimes its just time to shut the hell up, plug your ears, and listen to god. (he talk in your brain, he can make it through ears)"

go listen to this its 'starving bakker'

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