Monday, September 21, 2009

tonight is the inaugural julia child memorial supper club.
i'm super stoked, and on the hunt for a caroline herrara type shirt dress to wear.
julie child wore shirt dress like crazy no?
i'm going to make myself a badge of the trois gourmandes.

i'm super stoked about this meal. 25$. two fantastic chef's. brilliant people.

this morning i had greasy spoon for breakfast with liv.
greasy spoon coffee is so bad but so good.
i really wanted to eat my body cream today.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

me and the oldest dude on granville island last year. he's in grade one now. sigh.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

i'm finally taking a vacation from non fiction.
i'd meant to take it a while ago, but it never happened because non fiction's lure's are sunk too deep in my soul.
so i'm reading alexendre dumas' count of monte cristo.
it was a close call with 'the idiot'. by the russian whose name i can't spell.

yay! a story!

Monday, September 07, 2009

labor day. sans anything laborous.
a great day with the c-welt. breakfast at dutch wooden shoe, a first time pedicure that has my toes a nice cherry red, dinner at kwong chow and now back at home considering some movies from the comfort of my bed and laptop.

back to grind tomorrow and boy is it ever a hit the ground running kind of day. first day of school ever for wee jaxson ray, and first full day for wee benjamin. but both are abriviated which mean a weird day of drop offs and pick ups.
stoked though to see some folks i havn't seen in a while.

today we went over to gravity pope and i oggled some very expensive boots that may have to become my own.

in black.

in a few weeks we are heading to san fransisco for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival which i'm looking forward to immensly. cheap flights, free festival, only accomdation left to consider.

i need to learn to name my feelings more.
i think that may be a key.