Friday, March 30, 2012

holy moly there is a teeny tiny mexican joint at the end of my street.
i JUST found it.
it's like the way more mexican version of budgee's burrito's.
it kick's so much ass.
the little old mexican lady who was running the till
smiled at me in pride when i said 'absolutely yes', to hot sauce.
i guess they don't get many yes's in this city.

yesterday as i was about to get on the metro,
there were two cops just outside the entrance,
and one was looking at me, so as i got close,
i looked back and said
'yes?', thinking there was a problem with the metro or something.
he was just flirting.
his name was thierry.

i went out for drinks with, what was supposed to be ALL the mama's,
(whom i like to think of as my co-workers)
but after a avalanche of bailers,
turned out to be just me and the fabulous aussie julie.
we bar hopped along rue presbourg for three hours, trying out everyone's mojito's.
although it was pricey,
l'arc stole and ran so far away with the cake.
yum yum.

was gratified today at the parc to watch the 19 month old
interact and play so gently with a similarly aged girl.
the big draw was the ball that she'd brought along,
which he recognized as hers, and kindly gave it back to them as they were leaving.
which i was sure wouldn't happen.
nice surprises.
which helps out a mildly hungover and underslept nanny.

bike tomorrow at bicloune.
they just got in a huge arrival of used city bikes.
yipee skippee.

god i love spring.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's spring.
Which means I feel like blogging afresh.
It's been a stellar week here, so much sunshine and warmth,
bringing such hope, and eagerness.

Today I felt at home in this city.
I met friends and friends parents for lunch,
met up with some more friends in Tuileries
for talks and laughs,
saw a movie,
wandered my neighborhood...
Good good things.
Connection things.
Reviving things.

I hope to get a bike this week,
because heading down into the metro however many times a day with this weather is just unfathomable.

Ok that's it really,
Just to stay i think I'm back,
An spring is good.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

contemplating worth today.
what's worth it?
worth working for change, worth engaging with...

it started on the metro this morning with a wee altercation,
(i, of course was not at fault)
but being a person who abhors confrontation,
instead of saying something in return,
i clammed up, turned away and proceeded to ramble a lengthy,
choicely worded diatribe at this person, inside my head.
was it worth stating my case? saying something back?
as it actually happened, i arrived at work grumpy and off kilter.

is it worth persuing means to become a better confrontationalist? (word?)
in the moment, is it worth it to say something?
or really actually better to leave it?
how does one know the line, or the boundries of acceptance in ones own life?
when to let be, and when to strive for change?
because all in all,
i'm not sure becoming a better confrontationalist
will make me a better person, nor enhance my quality of life.

thankfully my grumpiness abated
when i spent the morning and lunch with my friend caroline.
we are very different people,
very different kinds of faith
(who actually believes yoga is of the occult??),
but we are friends.
and that woman can whip up a seared duck breast like NO ONE.