Sunday, July 31, 2005

fog of war
barbarian invasions
shall all keep my alpha waves moving and shaking
and illinois keeps me moving and shaking. period.

two mornings now in a row
i have been coerced out of bed prematurly for food communion.
courtney and i did max's deli yesterday and i have now eaten the largest sandwhich of my life.
this morning lisatootoo and me went for 3 dollar breakfast.

hmm what else. yesterday was also a nice little family gathering in richmond.
we sang the doxology in place of saying grace and i always love doing it with this crowd.
a wonderful mix of gernerations and thick, experienced, weathered voices.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

i'm so sick of going to the grocery store.
i'm sitting here, starving,
but i won't do anything about it beacuse
i'm sick of going to the grocery store.
thats right people,
i only shop 1/2 hour ahead of time.
i will not change.
i will eat out tonight.

Monday, July 25, 2005

sufjan was
such a beautiful person.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

if i can say this on here
i am incredibly and disgustingly
the last 24 hours.
last night was this weird place in the states called izzy's
and tonight was stuff your face for cheap at chinatown night market.
and its all not sitting well.

now i am going to crawl into bed
with my new h.potter book
and a glass of flavored water
that i thought was carbonated when i bought it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

well jo the incredible has secured us floor seats to the sigur ros show.
which i'm told are quite hard to come by at this point.
good goin jo.

i also went and procured sufjan stevens tickets for me and my sister.
they are now very real in my hot little hands/wallet.

upon the threat of my poor, dead little nissan axxess being towed
for being poor and dead and lacking the current insurance sticker
(which is a entirely other story)
i got brilliant and tacked the acutal papers to the back winshield.

and the lovely ms mol and i have secured our plans for communion whilst i'm in ottawa.

what a good day.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

sigur ros is coming and i can't stop being excited.
even though i only found out about 2 minutes ago.
man september is going to be a good month.

caught a peter lagrande show down at regent this evening.
beforehand for greek food with friend vania.
all very good.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

i just had to move my large ass vehicle out of the building parking lot beacuse they are roofing or something tommorow and need the space for garbage..
the steering is totally gone and aparantly, after four monthes of sitting around, so is the battery.
so blair and his bruteness helped push that neutraled baby onto the street.
and now i'm all worn out.

life feels promising...
like the goodness and delight of life is lingering just outside my pericieved self loathing.
and i got the ok from my boss to spend a week in ottawa/montreal in september.

and courtney came over and we watched tv.
and fed our addicted selves more jj bean. such a beautiful addiction.

michelle brought over the last two missing parts to my new platform bed.
now i feel like i'm not poor girl so much.

and sunday was this great antidote to an overwhelming sense of lonliness i had on saturday nightm causing me to drive out to chilliwack at midnight.
my brother and sister and i were up until 4 am talking about life and stuff..
and it was cool
connecting with these rad people
who have the incredible ability to fill the unique strain of loneliness.