Thursday, March 01, 2007

i gush therefor i post.
i have incredible friends. incredible.
while at work today,
the incomparable sandra cosby came in to my abode
and blew through as only one who is so incomparable could do.
i hardly know what to tell of first,
not wanting to order the magnamaty of all she has done.
the girl cleaned.
she. scrubbed. my. kitchen. floor.
which if you know me, will make you realize i'm the most undeserving lout that ever was.
she cleaned my bathroom, my bedroom.
she cleaned every part of soul i tell you.
she organized.
and all this under the banner of redecorating.
all the gross, accumilated furniture, i found propped in the back ally.
and a new spacious, mod apartment awaited inside.
with new furniture and accesories to boot.
i could in depth detail you each crevice of my home,
but the place i'm most elated and excited about is my bedroom.
with sidetables, and little lamps, and a lovely, long book case with books and frames.
oh man. its so complete, and it astoundingly makes me hate the colour of my room less.

i have amazing people in my life.
gush gush gush.