Sunday, April 06, 2008

i've read some incredibly eloquent blog posts lately which has me thinking this medium isn't as forgone as i'd given it up to be.
in 55 days i am going on vacation to scotland. only for two weeks, and the fact that i'm already counting days negates my attittude of keeping the excitment under wraps for a little while longer as to not solely lean on this endeavor as the means of securing my happiness. all eggs. one basket. not this time.
off to visit some friends in edinburgh (edin-butta) who are picking us up in glasgow, with a few day stint in ayr for some hiking and drinking. i can only assume that everything we'll be engaging in over the two week will have the attachment of 'and drinking'. my best friend and i (everytime i think of her in that term, i question whether its befitting of a 27 year old's friendship) are off together, she staying on longer to go traveling south east asia with one of the scots. i will return to, what one can only wishfully believe to be, a sunny and warm vancouver.

harbouring all your eggs in one basket is such a bitch.
current occurances in my life are vast and plentiful. which is probably an entire other post in itself. lets just call him musician number 3.