Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a post of lists (will add more today..i've forgotten some)

i am loving right now:

- chanel #19 red liptick. the perfect red lipstick
- my kinda masculine navy blue ballerines
- cheap fruit through the city
- the date august 26th
- tacos at candalaria. all the time, anytime.
- the movie 'submarine'. fantastic!
- where the plot is going reading 'game of thrones' AIYA! i went to bed with a racing heart last night
- my wax ear plugs. if you need to wear them, i cannot recommend wax enough. brilliant.

yesterday i saw:

- an ad for an app that lets you know where the closest shop is that sells cigarettes.
- an old man on a bike smoking his pipe

not loving right now:

- the weather
- above new shoes wreaking havoc on my feet. tis the summer of breaking in shoes.
- tourist season
- needing to wear said wax earplugs at night. SOOO LOUUUDDD. windows open, summer, you know.

things i am unsure about:

- this haircut

things i can't wait to eat in vancouver:

- pulled pork @ the whip
- nachos and beer @ foundation
- breakfast @ deacons corner
- breakfast @ slickety jims
- breakfast @ the odegards (and by breakfast i mean kenton's benny's)
- sandwhich @ meat and bread
- tacos @ the weird small place on victoria
- coffee @ JJ
- coffee @ JJ

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i posted a couple weeks ago the carl jung quote,
about being able to communicate the important stuff abates lonliness.

and that's totally true.

but i had friends this weekend of such caliber
and familiarity and similarities,
that made me think
ok yes, thats true,
but there is more.

what's important?
i have a tough time sorting and wading through my heart and head
getting it onto paper,
getting it able to say to another.
so a lot of stuff gets jumbled and forgotten
and can stay dormant until the next time i sit to sort and wade, maybe.

but these friends,
and these conversations,
and these laughters,
while giving me a very full weekend,
(and by that i mean a full heart),
also gave me back that yearning for ongoing dialogue and communion
through its ongoing-ness
and its non-intentional-ness
naturally creates and cultivates.
helps to sift through priorities and values.

and having it handed to me on silver platters this weekend
put a spotlight on the 10 month lack thereof.
and realized that while the ability to communicate the important stuff is vital,
and is firmly in place,
the relationships that are there to sift/sort by conversing/laughing/communing,
are not.

i'll let you know how this turns out.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

ya so
met a boy in a taquiera the other day.
from oregon, living in london.
he gave me his card.
just sent him a wee email saying nice to meet you
and thanks for coffee tip.
(i'll always take coffee tips from portlanders)

he has the same last name as some musicians from vancouver,
so i attached a little youtube song to the end of the email.
a song that i've been loving and listening to for the last while or so.

i just went back and really listened to it on a hunch,
and sure enough,
the song is pretty much going to come across as a booty call.
"we are lonely people in this lonely town....
you've got some skin, and i've got some time..."


Friday, July 08, 2011

there have some teary moments of late.
some good and cleansing,
some encountering humanity and beauty,
and some of pure heart caught in throat-ness,
like this

"hi julie, i really miss you.
i’m wondering when you’re going to come back. '
i’m having dreams about you, when you’re coming here.
when can we skype? that’s all..."

a wee email from olivia this afternoon.
i'm a bit of a river right now.