Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a post of lists (will add more today..i've forgotten some)

i am loving right now:

- chanel #19 red liptick. the perfect red lipstick
- my kinda masculine navy blue ballerines
- cheap fruit through the city
- the date august 26th
- tacos at candalaria. all the time, anytime.
- the movie 'submarine'. fantastic!
- where the plot is going reading 'game of thrones' AIYA! i went to bed with a racing heart last night
- my wax ear plugs. if you need to wear them, i cannot recommend wax enough. brilliant.

yesterday i saw:

- an ad for an app that lets you know where the closest shop is that sells cigarettes.
- an old man on a bike smoking his pipe

not loving right now:

- the weather
- above new shoes wreaking havoc on my feet. tis the summer of breaking in shoes.
- tourist season
- needing to wear said wax earplugs at night. SOOO LOUUUDDD. windows open, summer, you know.

things i am unsure about:

- this haircut

things i can't wait to eat in vancouver:

- pulled pork @ the whip
- nachos and beer @ foundation
- breakfast @ deacons corner
- breakfast @ slickety jims
- breakfast @ the odegards (and by breakfast i mean kenton's benny's)
- sandwhich @ meat and bread
- tacos @ the weird small place on victoria
- coffee @ JJ
- coffee @ JJ

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Aimee said...

love your lists! and you too!