Tuesday, October 11, 2011

walking out of my house this morning,
i felt like i was about to snap.
but at the same time, i could see myself in this rageful place
and was like
yo. why are you so angry? chill out, there are no reasons here.
it was a weird sensation.
i mean, it's true,
tiny shitty things kinda kept happening,
but i'm pretty good at taking things in stride.
so, it's like the core of me was taking things in stride,
but this outer emotional layer that i couldn't seem to control
was a total bee-otch.
and all i could do was watch with bemusement.
and then, AND THEN,
my coffee was soooo watery, i'm pretty sure they brewed the pot without changing the filter/grinds.
that's when i developed the twitch.