Saturday, September 04, 2010

hello, hi, how are you?
i'm fine. a manageable level of stress.
which i accounted for back three weeks ago

it's crazy. i've nearly everything at this point that getting a visa requires.
i think the only things left are the ID photo's, the cover letter, and the insurance (which i was to get to today, but they were closed.)
the only brutal part is that, at this point,
i'm showing up there with not a lot of funds.
but i have to keep reminding myself
of the providential flow of this entire operation,
and that when i feel deep peace,
it's with the mantra, it will work out.

i've had unbelievably generous offers from friends,
including access to a student line of credit
("oh there's no way i'll use it all. let me know"),
a goodbye/pass the boot party
(which, to the people i've mentioned it to,
have been really, REALLY excited about it),
and just yesterday the sweetest text message
from mr. odegard which has had me smiling all day:
"seeing you last night reminded me that i'm going to miss you.
i'm sure you've got other parties planned,
but i want to have one for you.
all things julie-
dirty sausage rolls, hot guys,
f-bombs going off everywhere and innapropriate amounts of booze"

right??? how awesome.

i'm just thinking how,
as i've entered this stressful thing, but this grand and glorious thing,
i don't think i've ever felt so loved and cared for.
it's like i made the decision,
and my whole life around me wove together the vehicle to get me there.
hurrah! i'm teary!