Sunday, September 25, 2005

this is an ode to my freind courtenay.
she is a chef.
she is one of my dearest friends and accompaniment to life.
tonight i took her out for supper,
and then she took me out for dessert.
i have just come away from her house with the following books
kitchen confidential, anthony bourdain
vagina monologues, eve ensler
my year of meats, ruth ozeki
stanley park, timothy taylor
the god of small things, arundhati roy

to courtenay, who doesn't have a computer,
i totally love you. you are one of the most freeing, non judgmental person i've ever known.
and i've begun to understand vulnerability because of it..of you.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

i just got home from my home group..
and as it started i was so irritated and agitated to the point of totall anxiety.
so i said, coffee? i will get some.
and it was a little better.
and as our tiny community talked and shared
and ran away with each others tangents,
as only we can do,
i was whelmed with the sense of community, in that,
what i share gives voice to something lisa is going through.
or what stephen shares gives voice to i couldn't find to express where i am..
its this unbelievable medium for relief and peace and comfort..
to talk and walk through each others lives/weeks and identify..
s'good. s'wonderful.

Monday, September 12, 2005

ok gang, in lieu of posting all the pictures here,
i've created a little vault of indulgence for your viewing.
the link is for the best of the east trip.
one day when i humble myself i will post the ones i deem crappier.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

i'm HOME!
the french has not left my brain yet
i'm still speaking haltingly and my first instincts are to use my feeble french.
but i'm home.
in my house.
some pictures now follow,
just some from ben's camera.
mine to follow with the next 48 hours. and you will see how magnificent was the east.
love julie

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ecclisiax church in ottawa. the gallery. Posted by Picasa

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julie et sarah sur la pont alexandra (on le danse, on le danse) Posted by Picasa