Monday, September 27, 2004

edmonton sarah.  Posted by Hello

staying with this fine lady and her house of wonder and commnunity. its so great. i havn't seen her in two years (three?) and its so great to be here.

i would move to edmonton in a second were it not for inconceivable cold and that its not vancouver.
i have been blown away (blindsided) by the amount of people i have reconnected with.
tonight me and karms are going to nathan and heidi's for supper. then everyone else is coming over. i love it.
last night we went over to lane's. tim and carmen were there. my my.

you don't know these people.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

uh huh. Posted by Hello
the one day i feel like walking and walking.
torrents. at the mongol grill. cheap and yummy. a winning combination.
after i walked to lugz coffee.
so, super hot ethan hawke lookalike guy, turns out to be super short ethan hawke lookalike guy. the workers there stand on a platform behind the counter. i chuckled to myself.
then it wasn't pouring,
so decided to walk to mec.
heard some urban legend about 14 dollar rain coats. no dice.
walked back
picked up 6 dvd's for 10 bucks. rented that is. heathers, billy elliot, dogma, the hours, about a boy, best of will ferrell. heeee.
i'm drenched. but in a nice, gettin ready to cuddle up on my couch kinda way.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

some thoughts from a tired, worn out mind. today.
-i'm glad that there is a grocery store both really close to my house, and on the way home from work. thats nice.
-my life is rich frienship wise. really rich.
-damn, i forgot milk.
-christa from work looks like it'll be a really cool friendship.
-i wonder if i should round a bunch of people up to go see saved! at the cheap theatre, or wait until it comes out on video.
-oo! i always forget there is orange juice in here. yay!
-what a sweet movie.
-i'm happy that i havn't been as lazy a protester as usual with the whole anti starbucks thing. thanks super hot guy at lugz.
-i wonder if celeste is still in langely, or back in hope.
-i kinda wish i didn't have to go to bed so early tonight..but i guess i'm glad because it will make me stay and cuddle on my couch. thanks super hot guy at lugz. just kidding.
-only two more days of work, then two days off, and then two more days of work...and then..OREGON!! (i've done this minute little equation about a hundred times today)
-whats that smell. whats trista making. wierd.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

today surprised me.
my sister called at 930 to say that she's coming to vacnouver.
i say, come over. we'll go to the ikea thats closer to my house.
i say, you need a new bible? lets go to the bible society. a whole store full of just bibles.
i say, let me take you down main street. into some cool stores that make me adore vancouver.
my sister says, ok. i will buy this skirt. wow. its nice.
i say, you're so cuuuute. chilliwack will not know what to do with the greatness of this skirt. you are a vancouver girl at your core. i know it.
my sister says, nope. i'm staying (in chilliwack).
i had enough points on my superstore card for 20 bucks free groceries. beautiful music to these broke ears. i bought chicken, and rice, and banana's, batteries, butter, and bbq sauce.

and hurrah all my friends are back in there normal beds. its so nice.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

my flight that i thought was going to be $50 each way,
is now only $9 each way.
what the hell.
are you even making money you silly people?
fly me away.
to telecaster, to dargy poo, to karmenchu, to meganheatherbecki, to katiebaby.

not only did the price go back up to 50, it has now gone to 84.
moral of the story. always have money on your mastercard ready to go at a moments $9 flight sale.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

this is celeste and her friend christoph...=)
celeste and i are going to oregon for a week.
we are both thrilled at this pending vacation. Posted by Hello

Friday, September 03, 2004

"When we talk about relationships with people, we use phrases like "invest in people," "this person is priceless," or "this relationship is bankrupt." By using economic metaphor we've begun to think of love like money. There is this sense that we can't love homosexuals because that's endorsing them. So, we spout little cliches like "hate the sin, but love the sinner" but we don't actually do that. We sort of isolate ourselves from the world because we fear them, we don't understand them. I think the root of that problem is the fact that we treat love like money. We exist in this social economy where we use affection as dollars."

"...One of those issues is homosexuality. Conservatives will say, you shouldn't embrace these people or accept them in our community or let them be in leadership positions because it's a sin, and they're all pissed off. Certainly it's a sin; it's something that God probably wants to deal with people about. But homosexuality is not a sin any more than, say, gluttony is a sin. And that means we love them, we keep them in our community. If they repent about it and want to try to change, that's great. If they don't I'm not going to kick them out of our community. When science says people are born homosexuals, I would say absolutely people are born homosexuals. Satan is an unfair guy, he rules this world."