Thursday, September 09, 2004

today surprised me.
my sister called at 930 to say that she's coming to vacnouver.
i say, come over. we'll go to the ikea thats closer to my house.
i say, you need a new bible? lets go to the bible society. a whole store full of just bibles.
i say, let me take you down main street. into some cool stores that make me adore vancouver.
my sister says, ok. i will buy this skirt. wow. its nice.
i say, you're so cuuuute. chilliwack will not know what to do with the greatness of this skirt. you are a vancouver girl at your core. i know it.
my sister says, nope. i'm staying (in chilliwack).
i had enough points on my superstore card for 20 bucks free groceries. beautiful music to these broke ears. i bought chicken, and rice, and banana's, batteries, butter, and bbq sauce.

and hurrah all my friends are back in there normal beds. its so nice.

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