Sunday, September 12, 2004

some thoughts from a tired, worn out mind. today.
-i'm glad that there is a grocery store both really close to my house, and on the way home from work. thats nice.
-my life is rich frienship wise. really rich.
-damn, i forgot milk.
-christa from work looks like it'll be a really cool friendship.
-i wonder if i should round a bunch of people up to go see saved! at the cheap theatre, or wait until it comes out on video.
-oo! i always forget there is orange juice in here. yay!
-what a sweet movie.
-i'm happy that i havn't been as lazy a protester as usual with the whole anti starbucks thing. thanks super hot guy at lugz.
-i wonder if celeste is still in langely, or back in hope.
-i kinda wish i didn't have to go to bed so early tonight..but i guess i'm glad because it will make me stay and cuddle on my couch. thanks super hot guy at lugz. just kidding.
-only two more days of work, then two days off, and then two more days of work...and then..OREGON!! (i've done this minute little equation about a hundred times today)
-whats that smell. whats trista making. wierd.

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