Tuesday, July 22, 2008

what was meant to be a lovely bit of time away from kidlets and routine,
has blossomed, not wholly unwelcome, into a time of kidlets, but sans routine.
my regular, 9-5 group of babies has left for the week to toronto, and i remain here in a guest bedroom hanging with the resident bearded collie.
it was a nice gesture on the part of said babies parents as i was free to sublet my apartment in this time, earning me some essentially free cash. apart from the hours i spent cleaning.
but i've also picked up some extra work from around town, so each day has seen a different child in my care. i'm totally lucky that people are so willing to thrust their child into my care and pay me lots of tax free dollars.
but for the most part, that extra work has happily come to a close. leaving me free free free to relax, be a host, bless someone with my time and car, sleep in, have a nooner cigarette or two..
ah cheers. time off is good.

its been a great week as well. full of surprises, fantastic meetings of kindred, and quirky back and forths of email and such things.
my friend ross in scotland had his nose broken for him, and now needs to have a nose job. which has had me in a bit of laughter.
my dear friend from years gone by, now living in ottawa with his beautiful wife told me today they are having a bebe. and i'm over the moon for them. holy crap i can't believe he's going to be a dadio.
monday night i met up with aaron and steve and talked about creative things, creative people and battles of the mind and heart with such combinations. it filled up my soul.
today as i was taking a little babe for a walk on the drive, i ran into my friend dave, and then into jared and darcy, who also knew dave as he had just fixed their broken taps. the world is so small.
tommorow i'm driving with kathleen to washington to retrieve her car which broke down this past weekend at a bluegrass festival which i think, as all mini road trips are wont to, will be great.

and now i'm going to walk the said bearded collie. but i've not mentioned the word to her yet as the moment i do, it'll be chaos until we're half down the block.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

leaving for scotland in ten nights.
in contradiction to all previous assertations,
all anticipations and stocks are firmly placed in this trip.
in hearing from our friends who live there,
he's got some killer day and camping trips planned,
i've planned out some spectacular shopping,
and the whole thing just smacks of a good chill environment.
my whole body is leaning and yearning towards this vacation.
i'm so close.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

i've read some incredibly eloquent blog posts lately which has me thinking this medium isn't as forgone as i'd given it up to be.
in 55 days i am going on vacation to scotland. only for two weeks, and the fact that i'm already counting days negates my attittude of keeping the excitment under wraps for a little while longer as to not solely lean on this endeavor as the means of securing my happiness. all eggs. one basket. not this time.
off to visit some friends in edinburgh (edin-butta) who are picking us up in glasgow, with a few day stint in ayr for some hiking and drinking. i can only assume that everything we'll be engaging in over the two week will have the attachment of 'and drinking'. my best friend and i (everytime i think of her in that term, i question whether its befitting of a 27 year old's friendship) are off together, she staying on longer to go traveling south east asia with one of the scots. i will return to, what one can only wishfully believe to be, a sunny and warm vancouver.

harbouring all your eggs in one basket is such a bitch.
current occurances in my life are vast and plentiful. which is probably an entire other post in itself. lets just call him musician number 3.