Tuesday, March 30, 2004

"..you wield your sword rather than following it where ever it falls."
".. because the purpose is to influence the darkness with light, not to just visit it."
talking about a certain level of arts in the christian context. these two lines jumped out at me.
really glad i read this article.

read it.

today i didn't get productive until about 10.30 pm.
i completly organized my closet.
today doesn't feel like monday. or rather, it doesn't feel like monday night.
more like a sunday night.
i got a letter from a lovely girl in winipeg. she's my favorite.
i had a good catch up with a friend on saturday night. ran into each other on a bus and ended up skytraining all the way out to surrey together. yo.

i'm so tired. i'm so wired.
this entry is pointless.
i went to wi on sat night as well. beatboxing. is that how you spell it? right on. right. on.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

long hair.
butt crack.
whats the big deal?

Saturday, March 20, 2004

got back from seeing some bands at the main
early, i admit, but i choose to ere on the side of getting up for work on time
as it were, out the seven people in the three bands, six of them were from chilliwack
mostly in gr 12 when i was tenth
and so the whole crowd was oddly familiar faces.
one of the guys in the first band was a 'from afar admiration' for me
and tonight i applauded my own good taste, even when i was in piddly gr 10
there is something to be said for all these tall lanky musicians

Friday, March 19, 2004

its funner doing nothing at someone else's house.
you end up eating yummy american doughnuts
and maybe your neck will get rubbed..or something..
nothingness is definatley more fun elsewhere. but only if you were planning on nothingness in the first place. cause then it could totally be anti climatic. AND the elsewhere generally has to be someone's house. you know, a certain level of comfortness that come with books and couches and kitchen sinks and cutco knives.
i have to pee. bye.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

look at me. eating a cranberry tart. i am a tart.
tart. tart.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

you don't have to believe me, you probalby don't even feel like considering it. but it will.
the words of a friend who alone (these days) has the ability to bring the good tears.
friggin friiiiiiig. i just took out my garbage. ooo ee i'm so independant. someone stop me.
i was laughing because i couldn't get all the garbage into one can. i produce so much waste!! ah ha ha. i was kneeling on the garbage to make it squish. all by myself in a dark alley.
i also bought groceries. and yet again i fall victim to shopping when i'm hungry. crap!
i also bought life is beautiful (original italian thank you very much) for 3.99 and circle of friends on dvd for 6.99.
god is a dj. life is a dancefloor. love is the rhythm. god wants me to shake my ass. i believe it!

Monday, March 08, 2004

i went for a walk.
totally a mild quiet night.
i walked by a guy on his porch in a fleece reading a book.
and i thought, me too.
wow. pedro show was the best thing i've seen in a while.
i was tired and worn from the day..
the show was my hot supper, slippers, daily paper, and loving doggie waiting for me at the foot of my chair by the fire.

there have got to be some opera's with some good character development.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

oi i worry to much. and then stress about it.
chill out julie, chill out.
had my friends over for dinner to celebrate moya naissance.
it was a good day with my sister, and true to her nature, calmed my stress with her presence..laughed with me, just served, deboned the chicken when i thought it was boneless as i freaked out at both the grossness of it and at the time.
then bub and her started and finished the dishes respectivly...
it was a good night.
boing boing boing snap. boing boing boing snap. spring break.
listening to: high and dry...oh the bends. such an album.
but birthday week has not yet come to an end.
friday is alana symphony/opera and then saturday night all my musical dreams come true. oh you know.
"kill your tv's today"
"tv can kiss my ass"
"tv...what a waste of life"
"up yours, tv"
"sigh...tv" (shaking head)
"I HATE TEEEEE VEEEEE" (shaking fist)

i have taken to quoting brock. only because he's so damn funny.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

blogging isn't as fun as it used to be.
so, sorry.

nobody likes a selfish bastard.
thats the name of the sermon i'm listening to right now..passion/truth/bad words..