Wednesday, March 03, 2004

oi i worry to much. and then stress about it.
chill out julie, chill out.
had my friends over for dinner to celebrate moya naissance.
it was a good day with my sister, and true to her nature, calmed my stress with her presence..laughed with me, just served, deboned the chicken when i thought it was boneless as i freaked out at both the grossness of it and at the time.
then bub and her started and finished the dishes respectivly...
it was a good night.
boing boing boing snap. boing boing boing snap. spring break.
listening to: high and dry...oh the bends. such an album.
but birthday week has not yet come to an end.
friday is alana symphony/opera and then saturday night all my musical dreams come true. oh you know.

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