Monday, March 29, 2010

wanna bawl your face off?
then go here.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

olivia and i just got back from roundel cafe.
mmm second breakfast. elevensies. delish.

i'm happy to report that my boots are now offically broken in,
no more are band-aids required to toughen up my feet before putting them on.

trying to plan a 30th birthday event for my bestest.
its funny because we're bestests, but apart from ourselves, we have none of the same friends.
we definately have distinctive and separate groups with which we run.
a couple of times we've attemped the whole cross over, intergrate dealy, but it never takes.
we usually can't stand quite a few things about three or more of the group.
so we've essentially stopped trying.
so all that to say, throwing a party is out of the question.
who would i invite, why would i?
i'm thinking a trip down to seattle for the day.
i know there is a dirty little bistro she loves,
and some good shopping.
yep. yep.
just asked for the day off. its a gonna happen.
especially since my sister is outta town for two weeks for work, leaving me her car.
holy crap. done and done.

(i just overheard my boss refer to twitter as tweet. 'i don't understand how so many people spend so much time using tweet')

i'm going to go and invest in a cup of coffee right now.

Monday, March 15, 2010

garance just did a post on what her top ten wardrobe basics are.
the ten or so things you can make work with just about everything..and that seem to make everything else work. her post was great. you can go read it here. i agreed with most items.
but here are mine.

1. slim black jeans. i have finally embraced them. now i can't get enough.
2. shawl-ish v-neck cardigan. navy or black.
3. my new zeha berlin boots. (scroll down a bit for a glimpse)
4. a good blouse-y t-shirt.
5. trench coat.
6. ray bans.
7. a handful of well cut blouses
9. a good belt. thats big enough to sling over hips, but also small enough to tighten at waist. (hello mad men)
10. hermes scarf. you know the ugly/beautiful square scarves? maybe not hermes. ka-ching.

if you read this you HAVE to tell me yours. i'm so curious.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

i'm stuck in 'no social skill' hell.
the boss has a friend visiting from out east,
who, in eagerness to hang out with the kids,
has followed us around for, well this is the forth day.
i'm going crazy shit crazy.

i feel like in the last week or so,
something has shifted,
and now i understand that
one can actually go after what they want.
for me it comes to, job wise,
what i could do, vs. what i want to do.
in knowing that there was an natural cross roads approaching,
i'd been pondering what jobs would be accessible to me, but also that i would find some fufillment in.
but all of the options that i came up with fell squarely under could do.

so i've been dreaming about the want to do's.
and i've come up with a few,
all with a healthy dose of risk and fear involved,
but man,
the idea of chasing your dream.

thats where the mind shift has come into play.
i never considered before the idea of chasing a dream.
the idea of chasing something i knew i really wanted, but somehow figured it unatainable.

and this shift,
this realization alone,
is thrilling.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

opened up this page to write with the intent of telling you how great my birthday was.
but now all i want to tell you about is how i want to kill and dismember a certain four year old.
i am way past my level of tolerance here.
currently i can hear her not staying in her room and banging her heels against the stair in order for me to hear her and deal with that.
i can't. rather, i sure as hell won't.

uhg. totally one of those mornings.
and i'm pretty sure i can trace it right back to the place in the morning where i didn't have any breakfast. i mean my clif bar. poTATEo poTATo.
12 grams of protein goes a long ways in terms of getting you through a teusday morning with three kids who are on spring break.

birthday party. great.
we didn't actually end up making any tea. juuuust whiskey.
and a lot of food.
chris gave me the most insane gilt gold frame that just might be my favorite gift.
and now i just remembered that my grandma sent me a card for my birthday saying this:
"thank you for your note thanking me for the cheque i sent you at christmas. i never hear from my grandchildren. have a good birthday."
which made my laugh and then convinced me to sent a great letter thanking her for the birthday cheque. and maybe some news from her eldest grandchild. man. so funny.
anyways that card came a week ago.
i need to write that letter.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

its my birthday!
these are what i want to buy myself. pretty no?

tonight i'm having a (not so wee) whiskey tea party and i'm really excited about it.
lately i've picked up some pretty talented and incredible people to commune with, all the the last week or two,
and they're all coming! yay.
and man, along with those who've been around for a while, i'm feeling blessed, blessed, blessed.
my dearest friend court, prepared me five different kinds of tea sandwich makings, and an apple upside down cake, and some bouquets of spring flowers! whoa!
how loved am i?
and i don't have anything left to do for the party except assemble and buy whiskey. the fireball kind. mmmmm. courtenay also gave me a smidge of her own stash, including a half cup or so of this crazy expensive kind that smells so great.
tomorrow might be kind of rough.

Monday, March 01, 2010

oh and also,
please go and look at
mandy and shari-anne's little project.
it makes me smile.

they take a new pair of opposite words every week,
and each of them illustrate/ create their own vision of the two words colliding apart from the other,
then post them.