Monday, March 15, 2010

garance just did a post on what her top ten wardrobe basics are.
the ten or so things you can make work with just about everything..and that seem to make everything else work. her post was great. you can go read it here. i agreed with most items.
but here are mine.

1. slim black jeans. i have finally embraced them. now i can't get enough.
2. shawl-ish v-neck cardigan. navy or black.
3. my new zeha berlin boots. (scroll down a bit for a glimpse)
4. a good blouse-y t-shirt.
5. trench coat.
6. ray bans.
7. a handful of well cut blouses
9. a good belt. thats big enough to sling over hips, but also small enough to tighten at waist. (hello mad men)
10. hermes scarf. you know the ugly/beautiful square scarves? maybe not hermes. ka-ching.

if you read this you HAVE to tell me yours. i'm so curious.

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