Thursday, March 11, 2010

i'm stuck in 'no social skill' hell.
the boss has a friend visiting from out east,
who, in eagerness to hang out with the kids,
has followed us around for, well this is the forth day.
i'm going crazy shit crazy.

i feel like in the last week or so,
something has shifted,
and now i understand that
one can actually go after what they want.
for me it comes to, job wise,
what i could do, vs. what i want to do.
in knowing that there was an natural cross roads approaching,
i'd been pondering what jobs would be accessible to me, but also that i would find some fufillment in.
but all of the options that i came up with fell squarely under could do.

so i've been dreaming about the want to do's.
and i've come up with a few,
all with a healthy dose of risk and fear involved,
but man,
the idea of chasing your dream.

thats where the mind shift has come into play.
i never considered before the idea of chasing a dream.
the idea of chasing something i knew i really wanted, but somehow figured it unatainable.

and this shift,
this realization alone,
is thrilling.

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