Wednesday, March 24, 2010

olivia and i just got back from roundel cafe.
mmm second breakfast. elevensies. delish.

i'm happy to report that my boots are now offically broken in,
no more are band-aids required to toughen up my feet before putting them on.

trying to plan a 30th birthday event for my bestest.
its funny because we're bestests, but apart from ourselves, we have none of the same friends.
we definately have distinctive and separate groups with which we run.
a couple of times we've attemped the whole cross over, intergrate dealy, but it never takes.
we usually can't stand quite a few things about three or more of the group.
so we've essentially stopped trying.
so all that to say, throwing a party is out of the question.
who would i invite, why would i?
i'm thinking a trip down to seattle for the day.
i know there is a dirty little bistro she loves,
and some good shopping.
yep. yep.
just asked for the day off. its a gonna happen.
especially since my sister is outta town for two weeks for work, leaving me her car.
holy crap. done and done.

(i just overheard my boss refer to twitter as tweet. 'i don't understand how so many people spend so much time using tweet')

i'm going to go and invest in a cup of coffee right now.

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Karmyn said...

I can't sleep. Your blog is entertaining. Elevensies - funny! B and I watched that this afternoon whilst enjoying a sick day together.