Wednesday, March 03, 2010

its my birthday!
these are what i want to buy myself. pretty no?

tonight i'm having a (not so wee) whiskey tea party and i'm really excited about it.
lately i've picked up some pretty talented and incredible people to commune with, all the the last week or two,
and they're all coming! yay.
and man, along with those who've been around for a while, i'm feeling blessed, blessed, blessed.
my dearest friend court, prepared me five different kinds of tea sandwich makings, and an apple upside down cake, and some bouquets of spring flowers! whoa!
how loved am i?
and i don't have anything left to do for the party except assemble and buy whiskey. the fireball kind. mmmmm. courtenay also gave me a smidge of her own stash, including a half cup or so of this crazy expensive kind that smells so great.
tomorrow might be kind of rough.

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