Friday, February 20, 2004

my toaster electrocuted me.
at first i didn't know what it was
but i figured it out pretty quick.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

198 flavors of gelato?
vegan cheesecake?
julie's first falafel?
why, she must have been on commercial drive today.
she was hanging out with her friend olivia
olivia's heading off to europe to work for PETA
then going to work on a farm in the czech republic

Saturday, February 14, 2004

just saw the corporation. amazing.
beyond what it tells you to be aware of,
it, and companion, also got me thinking about other stuff too.
i think, in an attempt to hold the banner of love for all people,
there are fears in me about having concrete opinions..i've shyed away from a stand, equalling a stand with closemindedness.. maybe..?
while i still claim openmindedness above all..
i don't know
i need to put some intention in some topical reading.

sorry for the aparent choppiness.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

well it was the makings of the laziest day this week has seen.
with laziness is bound to come boredom, and he came in around 5 in sunday best.
so faced with the prospect of dealing with him
my ass went and did three loads and 5.25 dollars of laundry
my ass made a mediocre curry veg supper
my ass went for a run
my ass got the video returned on time
my ass is suffering heartburn from the curry/run combo
my ass will actually suffer from the curry/veg/run combo later.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

i love days when god lets the uniquness and the beauty of people hit me in the face
instead of customer 104, i get bearded guy giving off smiles for no real reason at all.
or old man calling me deary, as if its the most natural thing, simpley because of my smile and my youngness.
its especially good when i'm having a really frustrating day.. salve of the holy spirit to calm.

(i just reread that and i feel like my friend melissa..heymelwhasup?)

whenever i go over to people's houses, i inevitably find myself mentally rearranging the furnature and wall decor to make it better. i do this everywhere. sorry.

ok i have to get ready for mosaic now. i'm still in caramel clothes and runners.

oh ya, my friend olivia and me just finished reading the harry potters books at the same time, so work the last few days has been continuous discussion, a few bouts of trivia, and uncontrolable giggling at our nerdiness. there is a white board at work that has all the days workers listed, and when you go for your break, its somehow indicated beside your name (a heart, a star, blah blah). me and olivia have been drawing elaborate pictures of us as characters from harry potter..e.lab.or.ate. and then we pee ourselves laughing some more. seriously, we're FUNNY.
today an old couple were in line to buy bread.
the man randomly put his arm around his wife's head and kissed it.
i'd like that please.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

damn these stupid tests, of which i condemn, but boredom is a gravitational force to be reckoned.
however, this one was educational. i felt like i was taking my lit provincial aaaall over again.
if you're literarily inclined,
check out
and take this craaaaazy quiz (where they surprise you at the end and make you submit your own poem for evaluation before they give you the score..heads up)

Your General Poetic Knowledge Score is 11 out of a possible 11
"You have an excellent grasp of poetic form, structure, and technique. People at this level have generally taken advanced-level study in literature or have completed advanced poetry courses. They have often spent considerable time writing, developing their own poetic “voice,” and their own techniques. People at this level, particularly if they can apply their knowledge of poetic form and structure to their own work, are considered among the most talented of poetic artists."

mmmhmmm. thas right baby, thas right.
"Sin is incurable by the strength of man, nor does free will have any validity here, so that even the saints say: 'The evil which I do not wish, this I do.' 'You are not doing the things which you wish.' 'Since my loins are filled with illusions,' etc."

You are Martin Luther!
Yeah, you have a way of letting everyone know how you feel, usually with Bible quotes attached, and will think your way through the issues, although sometimes you make no sense! You aren't always sure of yourself, and you can change your mind about things, something you actually consider a strength. You can take solitude, especially with some music.

hey, right on. i've always felt a little kindred with luth. i mean, who needs the book of james anyway??

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

i went for a run today.
1/2 hour.
i didn't run for all of it,
but definatly more than half.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

the above words are stolen from a friend who in turn swiped them from his collection of sylvia plath works.

right now i am quite caught up in the harry potter series. and i'm overwhelmed by the greatness of them. i'm about 1/5 into the last one, and i find myself incredibly eager when i think about picking it up again. i finished the forth one the other night, crying because cedric diggory died, and then i couldn't stop thinking about it all the next day at work. there is some great literary merit to this author i tell you. i can't wait till some kids i know are just a little bit older and i can read these to them.

i ran into my long lost friend erica today on msn, she's having a daughter in a few monthes, and i feel so removed from her ottawa life..i havn't seen her in almost two years.
its so crazy to have three years of incredible, nearly effortless friendships, living together in regina. and now three years worth of friends are spread all over canada and u.s...a few gone global. its hard..but i welcome it, because, well, i do. gives me a trip to winnipeg to look forward to. =)