Saturday, February 07, 2004

i love days when god lets the uniquness and the beauty of people hit me in the face
instead of customer 104, i get bearded guy giving off smiles for no real reason at all.
or old man calling me deary, as if its the most natural thing, simpley because of my smile and my youngness.
its especially good when i'm having a really frustrating day.. salve of the holy spirit to calm.

(i just reread that and i feel like my friend melissa..heymelwhasup?)

whenever i go over to people's houses, i inevitably find myself mentally rearranging the furnature and wall decor to make it better. i do this everywhere. sorry.

ok i have to get ready for mosaic now. i'm still in caramel clothes and runners.

oh ya, my friend olivia and me just finished reading the harry potters books at the same time, so work the last few days has been continuous discussion, a few bouts of trivia, and uncontrolable giggling at our nerdiness. there is a white board at work that has all the days workers listed, and when you go for your break, its somehow indicated beside your name (a heart, a star, blah blah). me and olivia have been drawing elaborate pictures of us as characters from harry potter..e.lab.or.ate. and then we pee ourselves laughing some more. seriously, we're FUNNY.

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