Tuesday, February 03, 2004

the above words are stolen from a friend who in turn swiped them from his collection of sylvia plath works.

right now i am quite caught up in the harry potter series. and i'm overwhelmed by the greatness of them. i'm about 1/5 into the last one, and i find myself incredibly eager when i think about picking it up again. i finished the forth one the other night, crying because cedric diggory died, and then i couldn't stop thinking about it all the next day at work. there is some great literary merit to this author i tell you. i can't wait till some kids i know are just a little bit older and i can read these to them.

i ran into my long lost friend erica today on msn, she's having a daughter in a few monthes, and i feel so removed from her ottawa life..i havn't seen her in almost two years.
its so crazy to have three years of incredible, nearly effortless friendships, living together in regina. and now three years worth of friends are spread all over canada and u.s...a few gone global. its hard..but i welcome it, because, well, i do. gives me a trip to winnipeg to look forward to. =)

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