Thursday, January 29, 2004

ok. here is my rant against true loves waits and such shit.
lets get together thousands and thousands of youth, get them all riled up about how sex should be saved for marriage and get them to sign a contract with god saying they will save themselves.
well i'm going to sign a contract with god saying that i will kill the next thing that walks out my door as a sacrifice. oh look its my daughter..ah well, bang bang.
rallying up soo many kids to say 'sure can do it on my own, gonna sign some paper to show i will'... says that there is no place for the grace and forgivness that jesus rains down.
its like the embodiment of the antichrist.
do not make contracts with god. we have the one that stomps them all. jesus christ.
we cannot do anything on our own. it is christ that lives in me. and we signed that bad boy, book of life kids.
instead of telling god what we will do, lets further acknowlage our brokeness, our filth, and our complete dependance on his mercy that knows no impatience, on his love that knows no winds of change.

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