Monday, January 19, 2004

it is almost time for bed.
tommorow i go back to work from a nice four day weekend.
i had a great weekend with so many people and intresting places.
some of these places and people are:
cobalt. eeee. juststay..away from me.
cypress. (i am the bunny hill conquerer).
heidi's couch. heidi's fish crackers.
abby. ('this is how you do a dum plee-ay')
vanesssssssa and her house.
foundation restuarant. (x2)
dave "we all need to pick theme songs to go through our head while we go down"***
wongs noodle house.
kelly "i need a frosty" "i'm going to langley to pick up pictures so shut up"
jojojojojojojojojojojojojojojo. we're the coolest people ever. apparently banjos=humor. i'm not sure.
my chilliwack couch, watching identity. holy crap.
lephen and stisa. and davemyers-"it will look like real shit, and it will look like a real stick"

ok there is my weekend. i'm reading some really good books right now...the library has re-accepted me into its fold since i paid off my 14 dollar fine-yikes. but i'm glad to be back. last week my friend stephen bought me a star trek calender and so today i found a johnny cash calender for him.
i have no idea why he bought me a star trek calender...they're actually might be a small idea.

***my theme song was originally the monkeys theme song "here we come.." you know, but then i got told that, with a song like that, its no wonder i kept bailing. 'you gotta slow the beat down' my real song ended up being a little ditty by karen carpenter.. (minus all that crap at the beginning about birds suddenly appearing)
we've only just begun, to live.
white lace and promises. a kiss for luck and we're on our way. (we've only begun..)
before the rising sun, we fly. so many roads to choose, we start out walking and learn to run (and yet we've just begun)
sharing horizons that are new to us, watching the signs along the way....
talking it over just the two of us. working together day by day
and when the evening comes we smile
so much of life ahead, we'll find a place where theres room to grow
and yes we've just begun.

its SO TRUE..augh. i mean, i wore white lace and everything.

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