Monday, January 05, 2004

where has all the thyme gone.
and the rosemary.
today i was a prep. cook.
hung out with the cool pastries and preppies.
my boss was eardly. i cannot for the life of me understand about half of what he says. i just smile or laugh if i see him smiling or laughing and for this reason he loves me and thinks i am the most wonderful secratary.

i'm feeling the winds of some change these days. it seems everywhere i look, things are beckoning me to think more broadly about..well, life i guess, but things in life. aspects of life.

i got my ass in action last week and learned to snowboard.. and now my ass is paying. and my tum tum. and my upper back and shoulders. i was hoping to be the glorious exception to the "all new boarders spend the whole first day on there ass" rule.

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