Friday, November 24, 2006

"We both know Julie.
Neither of us well, but she is the kind of human that all awkwardness of unfamilarity
is thrown out the window upon first introductions.
Someday you should experience a dance party with her,
it could change your life."

Monday, November 20, 2006

tonight i learned about something that has made me laugh and laugh.
not that laughing at a tragedy is anything to be deemed appropriate..
but its called

the boston mollases massacre of 1919.

a friend is hosting a memorial party come january
(massachusets mollases massacre memorial)
wherein we remember,
with the creation and consumption of all things mollases.
bakes beans, pancakes, those cookies my mom used to make, whisky. you know.

so, although work will get me out of bed in five hours,
this item needed to be told.

actually molasses might be just a by-product of the making of whisky.
maybe i can let you know.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

its nearly 2am lying here writing this.
i got in about an hour ago, from the theatre
seeing 'stranger than fiction' and 'little children'
both great,
but the former had me smiling and smiling.
the latter i loved, although i think i may have been a bit too tired to fully engage.

it'd already been a long day,
starting earlier than usual, in order to cover a few breakfast meetings.
and the kicker is, i'm to be up in a few short hours to meet my sister in langly as to head across the border.
i love me a little target therapy.
john junior bean will be supplementing the lost sleep, i assure you.

this afternoon my three year old picked a nickel off the ground,
and promptly turned and handed it to me,
with the words,
"this is for you because you are my best breakfast maker".

the two of them've been calling the littlest ming ming.
now this little thing has been through the gammot of nicknames in her short 10 month run of life.
but ming ming is especially endearing to me because
the addressing of her in this manner, is usually followed with some sort musical dialouge.
'ming ming, you cannot eat the dog food'
(i just realized as i was typing that you cannot hear the melody that i was typing it out to).

here are some the past references. each having the span of 1 week-3 weeks.
shoop shoop/loop loop
sister (as in SISTER! you cannot play with my trains!!!)

i have overtired heartburn.
actually i've had heartburn for the last few days non stop.
damn the genetics.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

iraq for sale.
jeff tweedy.

that was a good dvd night.
thanks tuesday.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Sunday, November 05, 2006

i had a bit of a royal themed cinematic afternoon.
i saw both marie antionette and the queen,
both which i duley reccomend.
i attempted to find a rental of anna karenina at my local happy bats,
to no avail.
a certain 1967 version is coming out on tuesday however.
when i got home and IMDb'd it, i was suprised to see so many makes of this classic story.
the one i had been thinking of was filmed in 1997 starring sophie marceau.

i'm having a bit of a half assed nightmare with bedroom redecoration.
all the following things have proven to be banes.
getting down the mini blinds. was shocked to figure out how easy it acutally was.
screwing in the new drapery bracket. its not drywall, its not gyprock and the studs are out to left field. my number 2 philips is failing me.
screwing in a hanging lamp hook into the ceiling.
the paint job. the ideal has turned out to be a horrific, neon, acidic version, of the lovely pastel muted color i had in mind.
and also i'd like to strip the wood floors. but i mean, its a rental, is it really worth it?

tommorow liza and i have appointments at barbarella for long awaited and desperatly overdue hair cuts.
oh goody.