Sunday, November 05, 2006

i had a bit of a royal themed cinematic afternoon.
i saw both marie antionette and the queen,
both which i duley reccomend.
i attempted to find a rental of anna karenina at my local happy bats,
to no avail.
a certain 1967 version is coming out on tuesday however.
when i got home and IMDb'd it, i was suprised to see so many makes of this classic story.
the one i had been thinking of was filmed in 1997 starring sophie marceau.

i'm having a bit of a half assed nightmare with bedroom redecoration.
all the following things have proven to be banes.
getting down the mini blinds. was shocked to figure out how easy it acutally was.
screwing in the new drapery bracket. its not drywall, its not gyprock and the studs are out to left field. my number 2 philips is failing me.
screwing in a hanging lamp hook into the ceiling.
the paint job. the ideal has turned out to be a horrific, neon, acidic version, of the lovely pastel muted color i had in mind.
and also i'd like to strip the wood floors. but i mean, its a rental, is it really worth it?

tommorow liza and i have appointments at barbarella for long awaited and desperatly overdue hair cuts.
oh goody.

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