Sunday, October 29, 2006

i've learned that pieces hate the obvious.

sunday night. with a good weekend behind me now.
friday after work, i transitted out to surrey to meet stephen.
then out to chilliwack for show with the rest of badgentina (watch that hard g there).
the whole thing was a bit of a gong show..
but we stayed out late, ate out late, got into the city late.

saturday, only a few short hours later, coffees firmly in hand,
we drove downtown for the buffy singalong.
how fun it is amongst a community of 200 with the same appreciation.
we were surprised by the large contingent of normal people, as opposed to past years.
thai food, mosaic, gigi's pizza.

i was outside for a moment at mosaic, and matty came down to join me.
matty has endeared himself to me.
i'm not sure of whats all going on for him,
some pretty serious mental things, as a banner.
walking outside he sees me,
"bella. what are you doing with that evil cigarette in your hand"
and pulls one out to light, with a smile.
i smiled and felt love of god.

i bought the new be good tanya's cd.
but i have not listened to it yet.
i'll let you know.

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