Thursday, September 16, 2004

the one day i feel like walking and walking.
torrents. at the mongol grill. cheap and yummy. a winning combination.
after i walked to lugz coffee.
so, super hot ethan hawke lookalike guy, turns out to be super short ethan hawke lookalike guy. the workers there stand on a platform behind the counter. i chuckled to myself.
then it wasn't pouring,
so decided to walk to mec.
heard some urban legend about 14 dollar rain coats. no dice.
walked back
picked up 6 dvd's for 10 bucks. rented that is. heathers, billy elliot, dogma, the hours, about a boy, best of will ferrell. heeee.
i'm drenched. but in a nice, gettin ready to cuddle up on my couch kinda way.

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