Tuesday, July 05, 2005

i just had to move my large ass vehicle out of the building parking lot beacuse they are roofing or something tommorow and need the space for garbage..
the steering is totally gone and aparantly, after four monthes of sitting around, so is the battery.
so blair and his bruteness helped push that neutraled baby onto the street.
and now i'm all worn out.

life feels promising...
like the goodness and delight of life is lingering just outside my pericieved self loathing.
and i got the ok from my boss to spend a week in ottawa/montreal in september.

and courtney came over and we watched tv.
and fed our addicted selves more jj bean. such a beautiful addiction.

michelle brought over the last two missing parts to my new platform bed.
now i feel like i'm not poor girl so much.

and sunday was this great antidote to an overwhelming sense of lonliness i had on saturday nightm causing me to drive out to chilliwack at midnight.
my brother and sister and i were up until 4 am talking about life and stuff..
and it was cool
connecting with these rad people
who have the incredible ability to fill the unique strain of loneliness.

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