Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's spring.
Which means I feel like blogging afresh.
It's been a stellar week here, so much sunshine and warmth,
bringing such hope, and eagerness.

Today I felt at home in this city.
I met friends and friends parents for lunch,
met up with some more friends in Tuileries
for talks and laughs,
saw a movie,
wandered my neighborhood...
Good good things.
Connection things.
Reviving things.

I hope to get a bike this week,
because heading down into the metro however many times a day with this weather is just unfathomable.

Ok that's it really,
Just to stay i think I'm back,
An spring is good.


Aimee said...

so glad for the sense of home and connection you are feeling. hope your week is rich and there is much celebration on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

le printemps.