Tuesday, April 06, 2004

i am enjoying this weather. hey? how about you?
sunday i called in sick from work, completly burned out from the previous two days of an insanly busy granville island.
went to a great palm sunday at 10th, a nice patio lunch
then we went to riley park and cheered on our friends kid jackson in his t ball game. it was such a beautiful day and it was cutest thing i've ever seen. me jaydn cheered for jacks and practiced our jumping.
went back to said kid's house for yummy bbq salmon and relaxed with the wine and some good chat.
i'm so glad i took that day off.

last night i chatted with sugar shack hep cat outside in my camping chair, enjoying the pre summer dusk.
TOMMOROW i'm going snowboarding. yeeehaw.
today not much tho..just went and bought some nails and screws and eggs. i spent 3.27 in total. intresting no?
breakfast for supper anyone?

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