Wednesday, April 21, 2004

ahhhhhh. just got back from the lotus lounge with some work kids. they have this most incredible booth, a deep U shape, plush like nobody's business, great for conversations about the dalai lama, christianity, familes, card games, such things. they had a dj spinning/scratching..on a teusday night. it was nearly clear why they gave him the teusday nights. but way to go, support your up and coming dj's.

sunday night i hung out with my friend jen from school who is interning at a church over on the northshore. went and checked out russ rosen at the backstage lounge, (saw some ash and kenton's), then a yummy, late supper at the foundation. and i credit that supper for the oddness and imajinative complexity of my dreams that night.

i've had a rad time in my life lately, connecting to people's lives as a christian. connecting in a way where i'm me and real and not some punk suffering from fetal christian syndrome. god has graciously allowed me to be comfortably vulnerable with some cool people about jesus and my faith..and not felt like a tool.

so now its my weekend
and she rests.

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