Sunday, April 25, 2004

not working on sundays is turning into this great, random phenom.
and they have, both times now, ended up at the cowies for bbq.
and i don't complain, she says.
out for lunch with 2 toons, 3 frosts and a cec. good.
one quick power rest.
one great shower.
bring your own supper was da-vine with this halibut thats been sitting in my freezer for a few monthes.
some good literature/kids in the hall chats.
three delightful children running around. one funky by name, funky by nature kid, artemis. what a hoot.
now i'm home. and i'm cold for the third night in a row. but at least its only nine, so i have time to warm up before sleep. i hate hate going to bed cold..cold feet. makes me go crazy.

love julie

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