Thursday, April 08, 2004

i'm trying to remember what he said..
"wow! look at that guys musceled butt! nice work buddy"

cypress day yesterday was greeeat. i am now a carver instead of a featherer. mostly. anyways, i'm sore.
my vehicle has pushed itself one more notch on the annoying meter..something went clink coming down the mountain and now its like there is no muffler. sooo loud. anyone know any reputable garages? help.

dudes i havn't been as tired as i was yesterday in a long time. usually when i think i'm so tired, i go home, and i get like a second wind. but, no teeth brushing..just into bed. a good 10 sleep. i have to work in two hours. i'm still yawning, i think its because i'm hungry.

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