Wednesday, December 22, 2004

my feet are christmased out.
but to my great relief i've finished my perfect gift hunt, but for the elusive brother's girlfriend.
i don't like wrapping thigns, just decorating them when they are already wrapped.
thats why i got brown paper.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

"arrrrreeessssst me. it was flat.
arrrrrrresssst me. again, flat.
arrrrresssst me. yep, still a little bit flat on the reeesstt me. "

this was my night last night.
my first studio experience.
its weird hearing your voice naked with nothing else, but so good with everything else. uh..i think... =)

i was going to go see jonathon inc tonight at the railway. to support the michelle of wonders.
i have to pee.
i have to switch my laundry over.
i have to clean up my supper mess.
i have to go to seattle on tuesday. (yipeee)

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

i feel like i could have walked for ever and ever.
a smoke and a mocha around the neighborhood
good for the heart soul lungs mind cheeks.

Monday, December 13, 2004

i'm sitting here, having just got home, fucking GORGing myself on chocolate cherry bread
won't you oh won't you come and take this off my hands?

last night to my jubilation i won an ebay auction for ride snowboard boots, designed by john fluvog. OH OH OH.
my friend dave and i, every day at work, go like this, "shoo. shoo. shoooooo." (along with the motions of carving). we have plans to go up quite soon.

yep, still eating this damn bread.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

i find folding laundry extremely relaxing and cathardic.
i plan to balk at all traditional wifey roles except folding laundry.

on other plains,
my sister had a chris campbell sighting in winnipeg this week.
to my horror and chargrin, she didn't go and say hello.

most of the time i crave being a homebody and then just end up being bored and restless.
tonight was a good night for my homebody cravings.
i cleaned, i did a bit of furnature rearanging, did laundry, talked to some friends, ate pickles and soy ice.. and now i have a good book to read in bed, thanks to one reasha lillies.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

its only 11.30
i just got home from work christmas party.
i'm a little this
a little that...

Monday, December 06, 2004

i feel perfect.
a yummy early supper with my favorite.
before and after work, for him and me, respectivly.
i'm, as i write, ingesting a delicious hot chocolate from, the somewhat pretentious, lugz.
i just went to the bathroom.
i'm listening to ( ).
i'm smelling the gingerbread julie (with her name written on her underpants) that a friend made. its next to a candle, and the scent is mingling.
its only 6. i feel like i have the whole night to be free.
so, if only momentarily and fleeting, i'm satisfied.

the mountains opened on saturday.
the craving is rising with the new knowledge, that now i can.
oh but when. oh but when.