Saturday, August 22, 2009

alone in a big house in eastest van.
well, apart from the resident beareded collie.

just as i thought that out, i realized how lucky i am to, almost every summer without fail, housesit for someone, somewhere, take a break, drink some coffee, watch a ton a movies, discover rachel maddow, be free to meet up with dear friends from the east coast, do laundry for free..

its good.

two weeks ago i was in edmonton for the annual folk festival. i'd never been, but a friend of mine was heading up a squadron of volunteers, so i applied at the suggestion of joining up, and there i was. access to the entire weekend, access to time with friends i hadn't seen in a few, access to patty griffin, and to a deserted sound check by neko case.

a great weekend. ever more thanks to the tylers for the gracious host, the abundance of great food, great things to read, and cozy bed.