Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i know i havn't written in over three weeks, nearly four (oh my goodness)
and that a short little entry isn't what you deserve,
but alas, just a quickie to tell you that yesterday was a really good day.

1. rode my bike to work (got lost twice)

2. because of bike, was able to stop at starbucks
and buy massive morning coffee (oh how i've MISSED YOU!!!)

3. dinner invitation for friday night at annie and thierry's

4. read a great quote that inspired from garance dore:
"..that there are career choices way off the beaten path, and that’s it’s the passion you put in it that makes it glamorous…"

5. met a really hot japanese manny at the kids gymnastic class.

6. slipped and fell on an oily cross walk and black and blue'd my knee REALLY GOOD.