Saturday, September 10, 2011

yesterday was saturday and i woke up at 6:30am.
then i continued to flop around and doze until 7:30
at which time i hauled my arse outta bed and down to the bakery,
because i was like,
sweet! there is NO WAY they can be sol out of almond croissants this early!
(have i told you of my on going saturday morning saga
of perpeturally sold out almond croissants?
one time i got one with jon anderson
as i walked him to the train station at 9am,
but there was only ONE LEFT, good thing he's a celiac).
anyhoo, wtf they weren't even baked yet.
so apparently there is like a half hour window somewhere. I WILL FIND IT.
so i settled for pain au chocolat
(hahhahaha you like that north americans?? i SETTLED for pain au chocolat)

came back and made coffee,
whipped out two loads of laundry,
a sink of dishes,
cleaned my room,
and sat for 20 mintues trying to figure out where the hell the batteries go on my super 8 camera. anyone? a zenga somewhere?
then my roomate woke up around 11, we chitty chatted, he left for work
and i putzed around for a couple more hours.

then made myself go and get some sunshine.
which was beneficial because:
i do think i found this winters coat. COS knocks it outta the park again.
i experienced what gelato tastes like when they put it on the cone in flower formation (faaaaar superior to ball formation).

then i made a huuuuuge salad for dinner
(sandra salad: one fruit, one veg, one seed/nut, one cheese, leaves, and oil/vinager/sometimes maple syrup)
then i watched bones and went to sleep.

now of course i'm awake too many hours before church starts,
which is giving me plenty of time to decide what to wear,
and which songs bertrand and i will tackle for translation.
oh because litte french church worship revolution is a comin. WATCH OUT.

but first, coffee, coffee, coffee.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

reasons why jetlag sucks:

hungry all the time.
like, just finished breakfast, sitting at computer with coffee,

smoking doesn't feel good.

have to pee all night long. wtf? why?

awake at 4am. tried to go back to sleep until 6am, but ended up having some wierd, not really asleep nightmare about zombies.

there is not enough coffee in my vicinity to satiate things.

my hair cannot be bothered to look presentable.

can't finish reading the giving tree to child without breaking down in tears.