Wednesday, December 21, 2011

there once was a girl who contemplated thankfulness.
how easy it is to gurgle forth feelings of thankfulness,
when one's expectations have been met.
this girl had a thoroughly full bowl of reasons
to be thankful that holiday season.
but she wondered about the times
when it didn't seem like things were so full.
was it more about managing her expectations?
or was it about digging beyond the met/not met-ness of her ideals?
she was sure it was probably the latter of the two,
but as she sat there thinking about it,
hot coffee in hand, cozy pj's still on (at 1pm),
a train to bavaria a few hours later,
she found it hard to think past the fullness of now.
she was content.
and thankful.
and mindful to carry these thoughts along with her
for some other time that didn't seem so rosy.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

there once was a girl who liked,
but never truly loved, granola.
poor granola, this girl strung him along for years.

then one day this horrible girl got drunk,
and slept with granola's brother meusli.
and never talked to granola again.