Tuesday, June 24, 2003

i do not work for gap any longer.
i have parted ways with the blessed card of discounts.
i may be back. i may prove to be weak.

i have been at camp for a week and two days.
there is grease in the camp food.
it is making my bowles slippery. sorry. thats gross. but grease is slippery.
i got out of my bed at 625 this morning to the tune of someone else's alarm.
i bolted to the shower. survival of the fittest. survival of the fittest.

i'm getting excited about my wedding weekend binge. all through until july 12. oh baby.
i am thrilled about the regina/nipawin/drive to prince george from regina aspect of the trip.
rad people whom i have no way of spending more time with. ontario, i critisize your far away-ness.

this afternoon i have to sort t-shirts. organize the music for the next week or two.
and then i'm going to fields (!).and its only living in hope that would bring about this excitment, mild as it is.

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