Thursday, July 03, 2003

wednesday 7.30-about 2: i was running around with my head cut off. AHH. frustration. maybe we can now be called camp consumerism.
driving through okanogan. my windows were open so i could spit out my cherry pits and i was raging loudly to some aging punk rockers sing about danielle and ramone.
i stopped for supper with my bibe-o.. nice long supper.. so good.
then around medicine hat i got tired so i slept for 3.5 hours in the back of my van in the walmart parking lot.
then russy roseny got me through the rest of the way.
just taking my time getting to sk. increible. best two days ever.
i swear that this hippy traveling life is the one that was orginally meant for me. its the peace i need to gather myself and laugh at myelf and get some crazy bible reading done in mcdonalds.

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