Tuesday, August 05, 2003

they can't make me go back.
i've had a pretty good four day break. friday night i stayed home and watched cinderella with just me.
saturday i did some shopping and then i went to the beginnings of a family gathering. then i headed out with some friends to the fireworks which turned out to be a minor ordeal of what was actually considered "jerico beach". me and ashley walked around for about 2 hours trying to locate these crazies. it has now instilled in me that a pager is nooo good. i need a cell phone.
watched the fireworks. this year i learned that cbc broadcasts the music. who knew? incomparably glorious.
went to church sunday night and then made smores/broke the fire ban with some friends.
today i went down to bellingham, laughed harshly at the west bounders on highway 1.
i just got back from mexican night with the same ban breaking friends. fahitas, volleyball, sombrero's, corona, a nice mellowed atmosphere. good good.
now you are all caught up.
camp is ok. i'm learning wierd things. or rather, god is showing me things in wierd ways. as i think about this upcoming week, (rest of summer) there are some things i think about with excitement, some with mild dread.
julie needs to embrace grace.
yes she does.

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